Nina Sakura


Akemi Kanda

OVA Seiyū

Mayuko Omimura

English Voice Actress

Carrie Savage



Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1: Ayu & Nina

Nina Sakura (佐倉 仁菜 Sakura Nina), a sweet but klutzy witch from the Magic Kingdom, is one of the main characters of Ultra Maniac. She appears in both the anime and the manga.

In the MangaEdit

Nina Sakura is in the seventh grade. She met Ayu Tateishi when she lost one of her most important posessions: her magic PC. Ayu found it for her, and Nina felt she had to repay her. But the only fitting way to do this was to use her magic. Nina watched Ayu so that she could decide if it was safe to trust her. They became fast friends, although at first Ayu avoided her. Nina made more friends along the way, such as Tetsushi Kaji and Hiroki Tsujiai. She developed a slight crush on Tetsushi, but she hid it for Ayu's sake. Near the end of the series, Hiroki became her boyfriend. To do magic, Nina must say, "Spamola!"

In the AnimeEdit

Unlike in the manga, Nina Sakura is in the eighth grade. She befriends Ayu by saving her from a group of older boys. Later, she returns her wallet that she dropped. When Nina does magic, she is required to change into her magic school uniform, a red dress with lots of layers and frills and say "Practice!" Like in the manga, she gets a crush on Tetsushi, but hides it. It later fades off though, and instead she starts to like Hiroki Tsujiai. She tries to be friendly toward Maya Orihara, a witch who practices black magic, but Maya is always cold to her. They have competition to collect five stones so that they can become the princess of the Magic Kingdom. However she reconsidered her choice at the end and continues to live on earth with her beloved friends.

Nina is voiced by Akemi Kanda in the series. Her English voice is done by Carrie Savage. Nina Sakura's character song in Magical Songs is "Onaji Keshiki".

In the OVAEdit

Similar to the manga, Nina loses her computer and thus meets Ayu. She says she owes her a "lifetime debt" and repays her by turning Ayu into a boy so that she can win a tennis match. In the OVA episode, Nina isn't required to change into her witch uniform to perform magic.

Nina is voiced by Mayuko Omimura in the OVA episode.


  • In the regular TV series of Ultra Maniac, the rubber bands in Nina's hair are pink, but in the OVA episode they are green.

    Nina as she appears in the OVA episode

  • In the anime, Nina's last name is pronounced, "Saqrail" in the Magic Kingdom.
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