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Wataru Yoshizumi


June 18, 1963

Tokyo, Japan




Manga Artist

Notable Works

Marmalade Boy

Ultra Maniac

Wataru Yoshizumi (吉住渉 Yoshizumi Wataru?) is a Japanese manga artist. She was born as Mari Nakai (中井 真里 Nakai Mari) on June 18, 1963 in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated with a degree in economics from Hitosubashi University.

Yoshizumi started her career as a Japanese manga artist while working as an office lady. Her debut manga was a yomikiri (short story) called "Radical Romance" that was published in 1984, in the summer issue of Ribon Original. She is known as a social manga artist, and is a good friend of fellow manga artists Naoko Takeuchi, Ai Yazawa, Miho Obana, and Megumi Mizusawa.

As of 2011, Yoshizumi has had works serialized in Ribon, Chorus, and Margaret

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